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Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball

    • Actual Size: 27' x 25'
    • Outlets: 2
    • Age Group: 5 to adult

    • $351.00
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Join the construction crew for some demolition fun!

Get your hard hats on and prepare to take on the Wrecking Ball challenge! Four players step onto the inflated pedestals and swing the giant wrecking ball to knock down the competition. Don't worry, this wrecking ball isn't hard enough to do any real damage, but it sure is fun! The last one standing is the winner! Little kids, big kids, and adults can have fun playing and watching this awesome game. All kinds of events can use an exciting, unique game like the Wrecking Ball, including company picnics, church activities, family reunions and more.

Price is for standard 4 hour rental. If you want to party longer, you can have the whole day for only 20% more!

(If you select a time period of more than 4 hours for your event, the 20% all day fee is automatically added.  Please change your beginning or ending time to make it 4 hours or less if you want the standard 4 hour rate.)

wrecking ball
wrecking ball game

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