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Frequently Asked Questions

Bounce Geeks cleans and sanitizes prior to every rental. We use cleaning solutions that are safe and effective. Also, we are professionals and do not rent very old and worn out equipment. Once an inflatable gets to a certain age and no longer looks or performs like it should, we will replace it with a new one. So you should expect your rental from us to look great!
We understand that things come up and you may need to cancel. The good news is your deposit is fully refundable IF you cancel at least a week before your event date! You also have the choice to get a rain check that is good for 2 years. IF YOU CANCEL LESS THAN A WEEK BEFORE YOUR EVENT, NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN. Instead, you will get a rain check. So you don't lose anything, we just give you the ability to reschedule for a different date and apply your payment to the new order. Cancellations due to bad weather can receive either rain check or full refund, since the weather is out of our control. Please text us or call if you have any questions!
We can set up on Grass (our favorite and best for the kids), dirt, asphalt, and concrete. Sorry, we can't set up on any type of rocks, gravel, or mulch as the constant rubbing will wear through the vinyl bottom.
Unfortunately, inflatables cannot be set up in temperatures below 35 degrees. We cannot set up our equipment in snow, high winds (above 20 mph), heavy rain, or muddy conditions. If the weather report is not looking favorable, we will contact you to discuss the situation. If possible, we recommend looking for an indoor venue as a backup plan or rescheduling for another day. Remember, Bounce Geeks reserves the right to make a final call on whether we will set up or not!
Blowers need to be plugged in and running to keep inflatables up and ready to use. A standard 3-prong outlet is all we need and we bring our own extension cords. If you are renting multiple inflatables or a big obstacle course that uses more than one blower, we will need to plug each blower into a separate circuit to ensure that a breaker won't be tripped. This is when using a generator might be a better idea. Just call or text us if you have any questions about the power.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: 804-901-0260

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