Gladiator Joust Arena Rental | Richmond, VA.

Gladiator Joust Arena

Gladiator Joust Arena

    • Actual Size: 21' x 24'
    • Outlets: 1

    • $245.00
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Who is Ready for Some Jousting Action?

An exciting game of skill and power as you try to force your opponent down from the pedestal. It's the ultimate in one on one competition! Just as fun to watch as it is to play. Includes joust poles and headgear. Our new, safer gladiator joust arena is enclosed all the way around, so no worries of falling onto the ground.

Price is for standard 4 hour rental. If you want to party longer, you can have the whole day for only 20% more!

(If you select a time period of more than 4 hours for your event, the 20% all day fee is automatically added.  Please change your beginning or ending time to make it 4 hours or less if you want the standard 4 hour rate.)

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