Superman Challenge Obstacle Course

Superman Challenge Obstacle Course

Actual Size: 30x15

Outlets: 2


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Are You Up for the Superman Challenge?

Looking for something different that looks amazing and is a lot of fun for a large crowd? This Superman challenge obstacle course is what you need! Join Superman in fighting crime as you crawl through the tunnel, around pop-up and log obstacles, and climb your way up and then down the slide for a super-fun finish! Awesome digital graphics are printed on each side and the 16' tall Superman will draw the attention of all the young super heroes. Even though it may seem big, at 30' long and 15' wide it can still fit in most back yards.

Price is for standard 4 hour rental. If you want to party longer, you can have the whole day for only 20% more!

(If you select a time period of more than 4 hours for your event, the 20% all day fee is automatically added.  Please change your beginning or ending time to make it 4 hours or less if you want the standard 4 hour rate.)

The obstacle course is large and requires a minimum 4' clear path to your set up area.

superman obstacle course

superman obstacle