Finding Nemo Wet/Dry Slide Rentals | Richmond, VA.

Finding Nemo Wet or Dry Slide

Finding Nemo Wet or Dry Slide

Actual Size: 14' x 26'

Outlets: 1


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Have Some Sliding Fun with Nemo!

Your young fishes all love Finding Nemo and his friend Dory. Get this slide and they will instantly be drawn to the big, colorful graphic of Nemo and the gang. Hook up your water hose for some wet sliding fun, or it works just fine without water. The safe padded landing means you can use it indoors too, which is great for lock-ins or other events.

Price is for standard 4 hour rental. If you want to party longer, you can have the whole day for only 20% more!

(If you select a time period of more than 4 hours for your event, the 20% all day fee is automatically added.  Please change your beginning or ending time to make it 4 hours or less if you want the standard 4 hour rate.)

Finding Nemo Slide